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Green Mountain Construction, Inc. is Cloudcroft's only full service construction company, offering design/build opportunities in residential or commercial applications.  We are licensed and bonded and continue to be at the forefront of building and design throughout the mountain community.
Dan Hughes - Owner/Construction Manager
With over $60 million in commercial project experience and over $10 million in residential project experience, Dan can handle any project from the most complex detail to the steepest lot. We have an in-house foundation crew with large excavation equipment, a framing crew, and a trim-out crew for finish work with exquisite detail. We also work with a dedicated sub-contractor base. These all make for a consistent team whom have all proven their quality and workmanship over the years.
Shelley Hughes - Owner/Architect
Shelley's work experience includes design and document production of a variety of building typologies including banks, churches, office-warehouses, high-end residential, restaurants, and mixed use live/work projects.
With direct involvement in all facets of company operations, including design, production, review, permitting, & construction administration, Shelley oversees the design and construction and ensures that the quality is to the highest possible standard. 
Green Mountain Construction Inc. is committed to exceptional customer service in every aspect of the high mountain construction process. We offer a complete list of services including design, construction, and financing. Whether your needs are in construction or design, come into our office and let Dan or Shelley Hughes assist you in your dream mountain project.

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 653
Cloudcroft, NM 88317
Office Location:
500 Burro Ave.
Cloudcroft, NM 88317
Dan Hughes
Cell 1.575.551.2811, email:
Shelley Hughes
Cell 1.575.551.1080, email:
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